• The VetDose Prime Twin Syringe is used during the simultaneous administration of specific liquids. Each side consists of its own barrel and valve assembly volumes adjusted separately needle spacing 28 mm.
  • Vial Feeding Twin syringe: Instrument supplied with two each vial holder, rubber washer, spare kit and operating instructions.
  • Tube Feeding Twin syringe: Model supplied with two each aspiration/vent cannula, sinker, silicon tubing (1m), spare kit and operating instructions.
  • We are OEM manufacturer of the veterinary injector for a number of Indian & International vaccine manufacturer.
  • A proud member of US Poultry. (US Poultry & Egg Association).
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VetDose Prime Twin Syringe (Feed Tube Set)

0.5ml Twin FTS

1ml Twin FTS

2ml Twin FTS

5ml Twin FTS