Feed Tube Set Veterinary Injectors


Veterinary Injectors Vetdose Prime Feed Tube Set (FTS) 

  • The VetDose Prime Feed Tube Set is an excellent Veterinary injector for accurate delivery of repetitive fixes doses without any errors during mass treatment.
  • This self refilling syringe is most effective when worked on the field with the animals. It can be used for Small to Large Animals.
  • The Comfortable Grip and ergonomic design ensure fatigue-free working during poultry injections.
  • The fast and reliable volume selection ensures highly accurate dosing of the Veterinary injector.
  • The robust construction makes it easily autoclavable.
  • This product is for use with a feed tube. This model comes with accessories that facilities repetitive dosing from bottles or jars using feed tubes, sinker valve, feed cannula etc.

The sinker valve ensures it reaches and stays at the bottom of the jar during the time of usage. This would ensure that the entire liquid in the jar would be used making it highly effective. The Veterinary injector is compatible for use with aqueous, oily, viscous or heavy iron solutions as well as a variety of suspensions using a special viscous spring. The long life and durability of the product make it the most economical model available.

We are OEM manufacturer of the veterinary injector for a number of Indian & International vaccine manufacturer. A proud member of US Poultry. (US Poultry & Egg Association)


Vetdose – Feed tube set components Feed Tube Set

A. Outlet valve with luer lock Nozzle.

B. Reliable intake valve.

C. Medical quality silicone tubing.

D. Chrome plated metal sinker.

E. All time acess finger rest.

F. Soft shaped hand crutch.

G. Optimal balance handle.

H. Safety looking nut.

I. Chrome plated metal components.

J. Interchangeable grounded Glass Barrel.

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Specific Advantages of Feed Tube Set

  1. Easy changing of dose without changing any piston.
  2. Clear visibility of the Dose.
  3. Long lasting since replacement cost is least as only barrel needs to be changed and not entire  device.
  4. Plunger Tightness without O ring.
  5. High Quality construction.
  6. No need of servicing with silicone oil same effortless movement is ensured every time.
  7. Feed tube made of Silicone & not PVC.
  8. Best/Quality ratio.
  9. Fully Autoclavable.

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Parts in Contact with LiquidMaterial
Feed TubingSilicone
Glass BarrelBorosilicate Glass
Washer, barrelFPM
PlungerStainless steel
Valve SystemNi-Cr Brass
Washer, ValvePTFE
Spring and ball valveStainless steel
Sinker and feed cannulaNi-Cr Brass

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Cat. No.VolumeGraduationPacking
VD-50-A0.5ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Feed Tube Set 0.05ml1pc
VD-100-A1ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Feed Tube Set 0.05ml1pc
VD-200-A2ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Feed Tube Set 0.1ml1pc
VD-500-A5ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Feed Tube Set 0.25ml1pc
VD-1000-A10ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Feed Tube Set 1.0ml1pc


Packing Contains- Supply includes metal body, Luer lock nozzle, Plunger Glass barrel, Integrated valve system feed tube, Sinker valve, Feed cannula, Vent cannula, Spare kit (Spring, valve balls & washers), Detailed operating manual, and Viscous solution spring only 2ml & 5ml)

Vetdose Prime Accessories

Accessories For Vetdose Prime / Veterinary Injectors Catalog

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