Bottle Mounted Set (BMS) Veterinary Injectors

Vetdose Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)

  • The VetDose Prime Bottle Mounted Set is another liquid feeding model. Consisting of a vial holder, integrated vented needle, locking ring, and bottle lock, this ‘Vial Holder’ model is used to draw liquid out of the original liquid manufacturer’s vial.
  • The Vial Holder body is at an optimal angle. The locking ring on the vial ensures the vial does not get disengaged from the Vial Holder body.
  • The integrated vented needle ensures smooth operation of the dosing. The detachable slant Vial Holder Body fits standard vials. The safety locking nut ensures reliable and highly accurate repetitive prefixed dose dispensing.
  • We are OEM manufacturer of the veterinary injector for a number of Indian & International vaccine manufacturers.
  • A proud member of US Poultry. (US Poultry & Egg Association)

  1. Detachable slant standard vial holder fitting.Bottle Mounted Set Veterinary Injector
  2. Lid for a vaccine.
  3. Chrome-plated metal components.
  4. All time access finger rest.
  5. Safety locking Nut.
  6. Soft shaped hand crutch.
  7. Integrated vent needle.
  8. Interchangeable grounded Glass barrel.
  9. Optimal Balance Hnadle.



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  1. Plunger tightness without ‘O’ ring.
  2. Barrel made of Borosilicate glass.
  3. Clear visibility of Dose.
  4. Plunger made of Stainless steel.
  5. Fully Autoclavable.
  6. 60 ml PP Resovair.

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ValveParts in contact with liquidMaterial
Glass, BarrelBorosilicate Glass
Washer, BarrelFPM
PlungerStainless Steel
Valve SystemNi-Cr Brass
Spring and ball valveStainless Steel
Sinker and feed cannulaNi-Cr Brass

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Cat. No.VolumeGraduationPacking
VD-50- C0.5ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)0.05ml1pc
VD-100- C1ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)0.05ml1pc
VD-200- C2ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)0.1ml1pc
VD-500- C 5ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)0.25ml1pc
VD-1000- C10ml Prime Veterinary Injectors Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)1.0ml1pc

Packing Contains– Supply includes metal body, Luer lock nozzle, Plunger, Glass Barrel, 60 ml PP Resovair with spare kit (Springs, PTFE Valve & washers, Detailed operating manual, and Viscous solution spring only 2ml & 5ml)

Vetdose Prime Accessories

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