The VetDose Veterinary Injectors with spring-loaded plunger and three-way valve system is designed for serial precision injections. Simple conception, perfect balance, and an ergonomic design provide for ease of use, operator comfort, and fatigue-free fieldwork.

This self-refilling syringe possesses a spring-loaded plunger and a 3 -way valve and is intended for mass vaccination of poultry, swine, cattle, fish & small laboratory animals. The Syringe allows trouble-free injection of volumes as small as 0.05 ml, with various water or oil-based vaccines or difficult heavy iron solutions with excellent reproducibility. The VetDose Veterinary Injectors is most effective when worked on the field during the work with the animal. An exceptional Price / Quality ratio makes the VetDose Syringes all the more your automatic choice for mass vaccination programs etc.

VetDose Prime Vaccinators provide good plunger tightness without ‘o’-ring, easy volume reading on the interchangeable glass barrel and adjustment mechanism with a locking nut are additional key features. Similarly VetDose Classic is another rivalry and cost-effective syringe which can be used for Mass poultry application The effective syringe doesn’t use a glass barrel hence no breakage is involved.


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[ap_tab title=”Feed Tube Set”]

Feed Tube Set Veterinary Injector

Vetdose Prime Prime Feed TubeSet (FTS)


[ap_tab title=”Vial Holders”]

Vial Holder Set (VHS) Veterinary Injector

Vetdose Prime Vial Holder Set (VHS)


[ap_tab title=”Bottle Mounted”]

Bottle Mounted Set (BMS) Veterinary Injectors

Vetdose Prime Bottle Mounted Set (BMS)


[ap_tab title=”Twin”]

Twin Veterinary Injector

Vetdose Prime Twin Syringe


[ap_tab title=”Full Metal Body”]

Full Metal Body Veterinary injectors

Vetdose Classic Fixed Dose Full Metal Body (FMB)