TRÜTH Tuberculin Glass Syringe are widely used in both clinical and research procedures for the administration of precise low-volume doses ranging from 1/4ml to 2ml. These are Manufactured from chemically resistant borosilicate glass with easy to read accurate permanent calibration lines. The 1ml syringe is fitted with a white or blue plunger with standard graduations.

*OEM on request 

TRÜTH Tuberculin Syringe Center All Glass Tip (CT)

04-01-01-010.25 ml0.01 ml
04-02-01-010.5ml0.01 ml
04-04-01-011ml0.01 ml

TRÜTH Tuberculin Syringe Metal Luer Lock Tip (CL)

04-04-02-011 ml Tuberculin Glass Syringe0.01 ml
04-06-02-022 ml Tuberculin Glass Syringe0.01 ml