Silanized vials are manufactured from TYPE1 Boroscillicate Glass. These vials are washed, Cleaned, depyrogenated sterile and silnized.


Polar compounds like amino acids, proteins, or phenols can react with an untreated glass surface causing serious complications when performing quantitative analysis or storing materials. To help our customers remedy this problem, STERIVAD Vials now offers silanized vials.after glass can be silanized  This treatment discourages any interaction between biological compounds and the glass and inhibits materials from adhering to the surface of the container, allowing for maximum recovery of trace analyze.

These vials can be washed, and can be reused by washing with purified water and by autoclavable process.

Catalog NumberDescriptionPack size
TC24021SVA2ml Silanized vials 12 x 32mm, Clear Glass100
TC24021SVC2ml Silanized vials 12 x 32mm, Amber Glass100
TC24041SVA4ml Silanized vials 15 x 45mm, Clear Glass100
TC24041SVC4ml Silanized vials 15 x 45mm, Amber Glass100
TC2421SVA20ml Silanized vials 27.5 x 57mm, Clear Glass100
TC2421SVC20ml Silanized vials 27.5 x 57mm, Amber Glass100