Key Features:
Simple Natural Movements
Plunger Tightness without ‘O’ Ring
Volume Selection
Low Maintenance

Suitable for:
Sterile Work

Unlimited Applications:
Dose-by-dose distribution
Dispensing distribution
Sterile Work
Animal Injection

Cat. No.VolumeGraduationPacking
14-05-30-002ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit0.05ml1pc
14-08-30-005ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit0.25ml1pc
14-09-30-0010ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit0.50ml1pc
14-10-30-0020ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit1ml1pc

The CORTO Classic self refilling syringe possesses a spring-loaded plunger and a 2-way valve. It is designed for serial precision injections/ repetitive dispensing task & intended for safe and reliable liquid distribution / dosing with a high accuracy and an excellent reproducibility. Good plunger tightness without ‘O’ ring, easy volume reading on the glass barrel & adjustment mechanism with a locking nut are additional key features of the syringe. The ‘CORTO’ Classic Kit provides efficient solutions for most repeat dispensing activities.

Metal Assembly
1) Metal Holder                                    2) Plunger Spring
3) ‘Corto’ Glass Syringe                       4) Metal Extension
5) SS Washer

Valve Kit
6) Automatic 2 way Valve                    7) 3 feet PVC tubin
8) Sinker Valve

9) Laboratory Pipetting Needle         10) Instruction Manual

Features of ‘CORTO’ Classic Kit
Excellent Reproducibility
Good plunger tightness without O-ring
Reliable Volume Selection
High Chemical Resistance
Low Maintenance
Ready to Use
Simple Natural Movement

Application of ‘CORTO’ Classic Kit
Dispensing Distribution
Dose by Dose Distribution
Continuous liquid dosing with a high accuracy
& an excellent reproducibility

‘CORTO’ Kit Spare Parts:

CORTO Glass Syringes

Cat. No
14-05-02-032ml2ml,'CORTO' Glass Syringes10
14-08-02-055ml5ml,'CORTO' Glass Syringes10
14-09-02-0610ml10ml,'CORTO' Glass Syringes10
14-10-02-0720ml20ml,'CORTO' Glass Syringes10

Valve Kit (14-25-30-00)
Capacity : 2ml, 5ml, 10ml & 20ml

Pipetting Needles

Cat. No.CapacityNeedles SizeDescriptionPacking
14-25-32-312ml20G x 1and1/2"Pipetting NeedlesEach
14-25-32-315ml16G x 4"Pipetting NeedlesEach
14-25-32-3310ml&20ml14G x 4"Pipetting NeedlesEach