Corto Kit

The ‘CORTO’ Glass Syringe Pump is a Repetitive dispenser for fluid transfer that facilitates repeatable dosage distribution. The System offers a user-friendly design for the fluid transfer – without the capital investment required for filling pumps. The device is for use with a wide variety of reservoirs, including vials, syringes, oral medication containers. Also used for drug dosage distribution and reconstitution in hospital pharmacies.

CORTO’ Glass Syringe Pipettors, have contoured finger rings and thumb rest that allow effortless non-fatiguing one-handed operation.

These features provide for self-refilling, allowing continuous pipetting from a single liquid reservoir. The pipettors are easily assembled.  All units are autoclavable and are ideal for use with sterile media during aseptic techniques.

  • Simple screw adjustment for accurate volume setting.
  • Automatic return of spring-loaded plunger to preset volume for quick repeat dispensing.
  • Convenient finger-holds for effortless single-hand operation.
  • Filling assembly attachment enables continuous refilling from the reservoir and repetitive delivery of preset volumes.
  • The unique design of stainless steel bivalve and sinker ensures smooth, leakproof liquid transfer.
  • Simple Natural Movements
  • Plunger Tightness without ‘O’ Ring
  • Volume Selection
  • Low Maintenance

*OEM on request 

Fluid Dispenser for Repeatable dosage distribution

Cat. No.VolumeGraduationPacking
14-05-30-002ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit0.05ml1pc
14-08-30-005ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit0.25ml1pc
14-09-30-0010ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit0.50ml1pc
14-10-30-0020ml ‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit1ml1pc

CORTO Glass Syringe pipettor units feature durable spring-loaded syringe assemblies, automatic 2-way valves,  Replacement syringes fit interchangeably into both CORTO Glass Syringe pipetting assemblies as well as BD Cornwall Pipetting Outfits.

* BD Cornwall is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson and Company.


Unlimited Applications:
• Dose-by-dose distribution,
• Dispensing distribution,
• Sterile Work, Filtration
• Animal Injection


‘CORTO’ Spares

TRÜTH ‘CORTO’ Glass Syringe Metal Luer Lock Tip (CWCL)  

Cat. No.VolumeGraduationPacking
14-09-02-0610ml 0.5ml10pcs

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Laboratory Reusable Needles – Pipetting & Hypodermic
Pipetting needles are available in the following choices in laboratory procedures. All needles are made with type 304 stainless steel cannulae and are 90° blunt end needles. Needles are fitted with standard nickel-plated Luer hubs. These needles are used in conjunction with both manual and automatic volumetric dispensers, dilution, and pipettors.

TRÜTH Standard Reusable Needle with Bevels 
Cat. No.VolumeGraduation
14-25-32-312ml20G x 1½"
14-25-32-320.5ml16G x 4"
14-25-32-3310-20ml14G x 4"
65-35-48-3650ml15G x 5"



Special Needles Available On request
A variety including standard hypodermic needles, veterinary needles, laboratory needles, blunt needles, animal research also available on request.
Requirements with Specific gauges, lengths, and types available on request including Stainless Steel hubs used during special applications and working with corrosive materials or critical procedures.
Kindly enquire with us today for your special needles and we shall be glad to cater them to you.
Your requests for OEM are also welcomed, please mail us at

Click for Special Needles Available On request
Variable Model mLMaximal Cinematic viscosity (cst)Example of Liquids
0.31800SAE 50 oil
0.52500Fluid honey
11200Silicon oil
2400 (Up to 600)Glycerol
5150 (Up to 200)SAE 20 oil

Calibration Certificate Provided With Each Syringe

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