1. The ‘CORTO’ Glass Syringe Pump is a Repetitive dispenser for fluid transfer that facilitates repeatable dosage distribution.
  2. The System offers a user-friendly design for the fluid transfer – without the capital investment required for filling pumps.
  3. The device is for use with a wide variety of reservoirs, including vials, syringes, oral medication containers. Also used for drug dosage distribution and reconstitution in hospital pharmacies.
  4. CORTO’ Glass Syringe Pipettors, have contoured finger rings and thumb rest that allow effortless non-fatiguing one-handed operation.
  5. These features provide for self-refilling, allowing continuous pipetting from a single liquid reservoir. The pipettors are easily assembled.  All units are autoclavable and are ideal for use with sterile media during aseptic techniques.

‘CORTO’ Syringe Kit

2ml Corto Syringe 

5ml Corto Syringe 

10ml Corto Syringe 

20ml Corto Syringe 

‘CORTO’ Spares

2ml ‘CORTO’ Spares

5ml ‘CORTO’ Spares

10ml ‘CORTO’ Spares

20ml ‘CORTO’ Spares

TRÜTH Standard Reusable Needle with Bevels 

2ml / 20Gx1½

0.5ml/ 16Gx4″

10-20ml / 14Gx4″

50ml / 15Gx5″

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