Made of 3.3 expansion glass with rounded ends for extra safety and to minimize scratching.

High chemical resistance.

LengthCatalog NoApprox. O.D x LengthPack Size
Short LengthSP-60A3x100 mm20 / Pack
Medium LengthSP-60B3x200 mm20 / Pack
Medium LengthSP-61B4x200mm20 / Pack
Medium LengthSP-62B6x200 mm20 / Pack
Short LengthSP-63B7x150 mm20 / Pack
Medium LengthSP-64B7x205 mm20 / Pack
Long LengthSP-65B7x255 mm20 / Pack
Extra Long LengthSP-66B7x305 mm20 / Pack
Short LengthSP-67B9x150 mm20 / Pack
Medium LengthSP-68B9x205 mm20 / Pack
Long LengthSP-69B9x255 mm20 / Pack
Extra Long LengthSP-70B9x305 mm20 / Pack

Features & Advantages

1.Corrosion resistance.

2.Strong hardness.

3.High working temperature.

4.Low thermal expansion.


1.Used for stirring- liquids, acids, solvents.

2.Used for electrification experiment.

3. Used for pouring hazardous liquids slowly.

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