TRÜTH Toomey evacuating syringe is fitted with a nickel chromium plated catheter tip and is useful for irrigating applications including the testing of Esomeprazole capsules as per USFDA.

  • Toomey Evacuating Syringe is useful in the irrigation of the bladder and urethra, gastric sampling and inflation of Foley catheters during Cystoscopy & Resectoscopy.
  • Ideal for Liposuction Procedures (Less blood loss & Faster post operative recovery).
  • Suitable for use in irrigating catheters, intubation tube and for blood clot evacuation.
  • Fitted with a knurled nickel-plated, removable adapter.
  • Tip of syringe fits all standard Cystoscopes & Resectoscopes.
  • Used for injecting duodenal testing, moistening of dressings, ear, bladder and wound treatment, in addition to irrigating and aspirating.
  • Luer adapter tip allows inflation & irrigation of Foley catheters balloon.
  • Catheter adapter tip allows irrigation of Foley catheters.
  • Veterinary Surgical Application

*OEM on request 

TRÜTH Toomey Evacuating Metal Base Tip

Cat. No.VolumeGraduation
10-13-09-1050ml Toomey Evacuating Metal Base Tip2ml
10-15-00-10100ml Toomey Evacuating Metal Base Tip2ml