Why Select Headspace Vials?

Colpak high quality headspace vials have a bevelled neck for a secure seal, uniform glass thickness for even heat distribution and a stable, strong design for ease of use. They are available with rounded or flat bottom profiles for accurate instrument compatibility. Use with the 20mm headspace caps, septas and seals. All vials are manufacture with USP type 1 glass.

*OEM on request 

20mm Headspace Vials

20mm Headspace Vial

Cat. No.DescriptionPacking
TC-20010ml Crimp Headspace Clear Vial, 22.5 x 46mm, Flat Bottom100
TC-200 A20ml Crimp Headspace Clear Vial, 22.5 x 75.5mm, Flat Bottom100
TC-200 B20ml Crimp Headspace Clear Vial, 22.5 x 75.5mm, Round Bottom100
TC-200 C10ml Crimp Headspace Clear Vial, 22.5 x 46mm, Round Bottom100
TC-200 D20ml Crimp Headspace Clear Vial, 22.5 x 75.5mm, Round Bottom
with write on patch
TC-200 E20 ml Headspace Clear Vial 75.5 x 23mm, Rounded Bottom
for Perkin (Coming Soon)
TC-200 F20 ml Precision Thread Vials, 75.5 x 22mm, Rounded Bottom100

20mm caps & Septas

Cat. No.DescriptionPacking
TC-202 LSilicon White / PTFE Grey, Thicness 3mm, Temperature Resistant -60°C to 200°C100
TC-20610mm Center Hole, Crimp Top, Aluminum Cap100
TC-206 L10mm Center Hole, Crimp Top, Aluminium Cap with
Silicone White / PTFE Gray
TC-208 K*18 mm Magnetic Precision Thread Screw Cap, 8 mm
Center Hole, with Silicone White / PTFE Sky Blue, 1.5 mm. (Coming Soon)

20mm Crimper

Cat. No.DescriptionPacking
TC-209 ACrimper for 20mm Aluminium Caps1

Correct Vial Crimping
Achieve accurate results with correctly Crimped vials A correctly crimped vial is neither over-crimped nor under-crimped. Over-crimping may cause coring or poor septum resealing, while under- crimping can cause evaporation problems. With proper adjustment of the vial crimpers, Perfect crimping can be achieved every time. When the vial is crimped perfectly, the cap should not be able to rotate and the septum should appear smooth and level.