• Gas Syringes, Truth, 100ml with 40mm capillary tube, Borosilicate Glass, Amber Graduation printed of 1ml.
    Supplied without glass stopcock.
  • All gases can be collected using a gas syringe. Used to collect and measure volumes of gases during reactions producing gases. The gas syringe is connected by a tube to the flask that is giving off the gas as shown in the images below.
  • The gas syringe has marks along its length that allow the volume of collected gas to be measured.
  • As the volume of collected gas increases, the plunger moves further out of the syringe. T
  • he volume of collected gas can be measured in time as it increases, a graph of volume against time can be plotted. This can be used to show the rate of the reaction.



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Cat No27-15-24-13
TerminationGlass Tip
Graduation TypePermanently Fused
Liquid PathBorosilicate Glass
Volume Variation±2%
SterilityNon Sterile
Pack Size1pcs