• VetDose Classic Fixed-Dose Full Metal Body (FMB) is a fixed dosage automatic syringe specifically designed for the vet.
  • This ultimate full metal syringe is made with precision for reliability, durability and accuracy for mass treatment of poultry.
  • This product is supplied with a feeding tube that allows the injection of any kind of medical drug to your poultry and small animals.
  • All the components are made with the finest material Oil proof and non-corrosive with sterilization up to 121°C.
  • An unrivalled measuring cup is provided to check volumetric before every use. The product is delivered with 5 different pistons for variable dosage. It comes with pistons for 0.5ml, 0.3ml, 0.25ml, 0.2ml & 0.1ml dosages.
  • We are OEM manufacturer of the veterinary injector for a number of Indian & International vaccine manufacturer.
  • A proud member of US Poultry. (US Poultry & Egg Association).
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Cat NoVD-50FD
Parts in contact with liquidMaterial
Feed TubingSilicone
Metal CasingNi-Cr Brass
O Ringsilicone
Metal Piston: 0.5ml, 0.3ml. 0.25ml. 0.2ml & 0.1mlNi-Cr Brass
Valve SystemNi-Cr Brass
Washer, ValvePTFE
Spring and ball valveStainless steel
  • All metal body- no glass to be broken.
  • Highly versatile Automatic vaccination tool.
  • Ergonomically designed for fatigue- free operation.
  • Cost-effective for poultry and small animals.
  • Fixed Dosages ensures same accurate dosage and measure per inoculation.
  • Eliminates need to check setting while administering mas injections.
  • Long lasting syringe work for years.
  • Super easy to change piston per dosage – on each piston the measure is stamped
  • VetDose valve system ensures accurate delivery with no room for error.
  • Economical parts are all interchangeable.
  • All syringes can be sterilized up to 121 C.
  • Supply includes metal body
  • Luer lock nozzle
  • S Piston: 0.5ml, 0.3ml, 0.25ml, 0.2ml & 0.1ml
  • Integrated valve system
  • Feed cannula
  • Spare kit (Spring, valve balls, Washers & ‘O’ rings
  • Detailed operating manual.