1) Zero Error 20cmm Pipettes
An accurate pipette with uniform capillary bore for easy blood delivery. It is sterilisable either by hot air or by steam sterilizer. It is marked at 20cmm

31-00-004Zero Error 20cmm PipettesEach



2)  ESR Esrite Kit
The  Kit comprises of non-corroding, washable polypropylene interlocking stand with provision to  simultaneously hold 5 or 10 pipettes. The Esrite Pipettes are manufactured from hard borosilicate glass, to international standards using special uniform bore technology. The ESR tubes are ground at the bottom, perfectly cylindrical and accurate to micron tolerances to give leak proof closure in the blood sample vial. Anodized aluminum screen with  permanent blue scale helps easy reading of sedimentation rate. Vials of chemically resistant plastics are manufactured in strictly controlled atmosphere.

3)  ESR Esrite Kit Spares Westergren Pipettes
The pipettes are made of hard borosilicate glass with uniform bore and are used for  finding out Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. Conforms to IS 3741

31-00-006Westergren Pipettes10

4) Wintrobe Tubes
Made of hard borosilicate corning glass with uniform bore so as to avoid breakage during centrigugation. Very useful in determining packet cell volume of blood. Conforms to IS 3741.

31-00-005Wintrobe Tubes12