• TRÜTH Transformer Oil Syringes are used for drawing samples of oil used in transformers and testing for properties such as moisture, dielectric strength, dissolved gases etc. to monitor the quality of the oil & determine the operation as well as the condition of the equipment’s.
  • TRÜTH DGA Glass Syringe & TOSIN Accessories In Compliance With
    IEC 60475 Method of Sampling Insulating Liquids
    IEC 60567 Sampling of Gases & Analysis of Free & Dissolved Gases
    ASTM D923 Sampling Insulating Liquids for Gas Analysis & Determination of water content.
  • The TOSIN Kit Consists of one each of Glass Syringe, TOSIN Padded Carrying Case, Three Way Stopcock, TOSIN Tube, Plug Cap.
  • The DGA Glass Syringes Available in sizes of 20ml, 30ml, 50ml & 100ml.
  • TOSIN Accessories include Three Way Stopcock, Padded Case, TOSIN Tube etc.
  • We supply on OEM term as well.
  • We supply to 40 countries around the world.
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20ml DGA Glass Syringe

30ml DGA Glass Syringe

50ml DGA Glass Syringe

100ml DGA Glass Syringe

20ml DGA Syringe Kit

30ml DGA Syringe Kit

50ml DGA Syringe Kit

100ml DGA Syringe Kit

20ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case

30ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case

50ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case

100ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case

TOSIN Three Way Stop Cock

Plug Cap


150ml DGA Syringe

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  • In Compliance with IEC 60475 Method of sampling insulating liquids IEC 60567 sampling of Gases & Analysis of free & Dissolved Gases ASTM 3613 Sampling insulting Liquids for Gas Analysis & Determination of water content.
  • For in-service oil filled electric Transformers, sampling of the oil provides a method to determine the condition of the solid and oil insulation as well as the operating condition of the Transformer without opening or de-energizing the Transformer.
  • Sampling provides a means to check the condition of oil in storage, Whether it be new or used and to determine if it complies with company specifications.
  • An Oil sample has to be representative and maintain the properties & contents of the Bulk oil insulation present in the Transformer. Periodical Testing of the Oil in the transformer is needed to ensure its Repeated Performance & Long Life of the apparatus. Sampling the oil to be Tested is the FIRST concern which will ensure accurate results of the oil.
  • While sampling the representative Oil one must check for foreign matters including Water droplets, Sediments, Suspected Clear Fibers, Headspace Air etc.
  • Critical initial On-site visual inspection of the presence of any foreign matter in the oil should be detected at the time sampling itself.
  • Identifying a poor sample and the decision to resample should be made & executed prior to the leaving the on site.
  • Outages due to faulty Transformer Oil Analysis could have adverse snowballing effect on the electricity connection.
  • Easy flushing prior to sampling.
  • Clear visual inspection.
  • Free from suspended particles and impurities when oil samples is collected in the syringe, contaminants such as suspended solids or free water if any can be seen in the syringe. These oils can be expelled out immediately & fresh oil sample can be taken so as to take the correct samples back to the lab for accurate test results. This cannot be seen in side another container like vacuum bottles.
  • Easy adjustment to avoid direct contact with Air if the sample comes in contact with humid air, the reading of the oil samples will show high atmospheric gases and high moisture hence not providing for an accurate result. The syringe is air tight and can hold the oil sample in the syringe not allowing it to come in contact with any air. If there is a small leak in the sampling tubing the vacuum bottles will draw air into the sample which con not be seen inside the bottle. If any bubbles are seen in the syringe, They can be expelled out immediately. Any Extra air can be seen and expelled thus maintain integrity of the collected sample.
  • Integrity any contraction and expansion in the sampled oil, will only move the plunger backward or forward without having any air bubble formation.
  • Easy identification of Color of the oil sample.
  • Easy identification for the need of Resampling.
  • Protection from direct sunlight/diffused light the oil collected in the glass syringes is protected from direct sunlight by packing the syringe filled with the oil in the padded carrying cases.
  • Easy handling & convenient transformation.
  • First choice under IEC regulation 60475.
  • Consistent & accurate reading of test results.


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